Piccolo’s Ultimate Transformation: Orange Piccolo

Piccolo’s transformation into Orange Piccolo is a powerful and advanced form of the Potential Unleashed state he possesses. Unlike his previous transformations, Piccolo undergoes a physical change, becoming more muscular and taking on an orange hue. The symbol of Namekian pride, consisting of an orb and an outer circle, is branded onto his back. This transformation also changes Piccolo’s facial features, making him look more menacing and powerful.

This form is incredibly powerful and gives Piccolo strength that can rival that of Goku and his companions. The guidebook describes this form as having a strength “never seen by mortals and gods alike.” Piccolo achieved this form after a wish from Shenron to unlock his full potential.

Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

In the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Orange Piccolo proves to be the decisive factor in battles against Gamma 2 and Cell Max. Despite facing tough opponents, Orange Piccolo easily turns the tide of battle in his favor. He even manages to hold his own against Cell Max, though he is eventually overpowered. However, he still manages to play a crucial role in the battle by restraining Cell Max, giving Gohan the chance to deliver the final blow.

It’s awesome to see Piccolo at this level, as the power gap between him and some of the Saiyans had gotten way too big. Piccolo was always serious about his training and truly dedicated, just like Goku and Vegeta. However, the series had somewhat left him behind as Goku and the other Saiyans kept growing in power with their transformations.

After Goku reached Super Saiyan God it seemed as if Piccolo would never get close, but Orange Piccolo changes everything for the character. Fans loved the new movie because it gave Gohan and Piccolo a chance to be the heroes.

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