Ultra Instinct Explained: Dragon Ball Super Guide

Brief Overview of Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct is a powerful form introduced in Dragon Ball Super that allows its user to react automatically to threats. It is associated with the divine and used by characters such as Whis and the Grand Minister. Goku first used the form in his battle with Jiren.

The manga artist Toyotarou has explained the difference between the black-haired and silver-haired versions of Ultra Instinct.

The black-haired version is described as more natural, allowing Goku to “show his true self” and use Ultra Instinct. The silver-haired version is said to require a calm mind to maintain.

As Goku becomes more familiar with the form, he is able to make it “more of his own”, similar to how Whis does not have to transform.

What is Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super?

Ultra Instinct is a powerful fighting technique that allows a fighter to move and react automatically without conscious thought. This allows them to take full advantage of their body’s peak reactions, speed, and strength without wasting time thinking about their actions. Angels, such as Whis, have fully mastered this technique, enabling them to take on the universe’s strongest fighters effortlessly.

However, unlike other beings, Angels do not transform when they achieve Ultra Instinct. Instead, a mortal’s journey to mastering the technique is marked by different benchmark transformations that eventually lead to the ultimate level.

In Goku’s case, he first achieved an incomplete version of Ultra Instinct, known as Ultra Instinct Sign, before elevating the transformation to its highest level. This is because the technique can take a lifetime to master. Even gods like Beerus have spent millennia training to achieve it, with only moderate success.

Ultra Instinct Sign Explained

Ultra Instinct Sign is the first step in unlocking an incredible new level of power for Goku. This form allows him to avoid almost any attack thrown at him and focus on his counterattack. However, as fans know, it’s only a taste of what’s to come. The true Ultra Instinct is the ultimate form, where Goku’s full potential is unleashed and he fights without any conscious thought.

Essentially, it’s called Ultra Instinct Sign, as it is a sign of what is to come.

Goku achieves true Ultra Instinct during his fight with Jiren.

When Goku faces his final fight against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, he is able to achieve true Ultra Instinct. His eyes and hair turn a brilliant silver color, and his power level increases dramatically. His power is so great that upon release it resembles an entire galaxy. This allows Goku to surpass Jiren, the strongest opponent he has faced until that point, for a short period of time.

The only drawback to Goku’s Ultra Instinct is that it requires a completely calm mind to maintain. The more emotions come into play, the more difficult it is for Goku to keep this calm state and the more his Ultra Instinct falters. But for those brief moments when he does achieve it, nothing can stand in his way.

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