Are VR Sales Going to Increase?!

Are VR Sales Going to Increase?!

"VR is all my kid talks about. He wants a headset for Christmas, and so do all his friends!"

Influencers are raving about the metaverse

That Lex Fridman/Mark Zuckerberg interview definitely helped. In the video they are both realistic avatars doing a remote interview.

Game Experiences Need Something New

Both kids and adults want to have VR experiences within Roblox worlds.  Do you know what this means when it comes to Christmas gift shopping?

Santa's Delivering A Lot of VR Headsets!!

Prices are going down, and many VR options are available. From simple phone-based headsets to high-end solutions.

Here's what we recommend:

The Meta Quest 2 is available on Amazon for less than a new gaming console is sold for. There will be Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals!!