I spent years playing the Xbox One

Here's why I think kids can still appreciate this console for years to come...

There's no better deal.

Gaming PC? $750+ PS4? $450+ Xbox Series S: $299

The Xbox One S is a great gift for kids getting into gaming.

HOURS of Gaming without hardware problems!

Building a gaming PC is expensive and full of problems. A renewed XONE can handle the best games better than a budget PC.

For CoD, Fortnite, Assassin's Creed, etc...

Young gamers can still appreciate these games for the first time on the Xbox One!

Still a reliable console...

I have the original Xbox One, from the day it came out. Never had a problem. I did add an external fan to help with cooling, that's it.

I own the Series S as well, here's how it compares!

The Xbox Series S is a huge upgrade for less than $100 more. Yeah, very much worth buying if you have the extra cash. Here's what's better...


The Series S has a superior CPU, and it provides gamers with better resolution, performance, and overall gaming experience.

Side by Side...

At one point me and my son played Halo Infinite together. He was on a Spectre gaming monitor with the Series S, and I with the Xbox One.  And seriously... HUGE difference!

For New Gamers and Kids

The Xbox One is a great gift for new gamers and kids who are new to gaming. Between the free games and the Xbox Game Pass - there is so much to do!