Splitscreen Gaming isn't Dead Yet...

However, local multiplayer has been declining year after year as more players turn to online multiplayer.

Why is Splitscreen Dying?

Online multiplayer is more profitable for game developers. Plus, there are some technical issues with splitscreen gaming...

Graphic Quality and Performance Issues

It's actually very hard to offer 30 fps or higher gaming during splitscreen mutliplayer. Which can be hard for some players to enjoy...

What Games Still Offer Local Splitscreen Multiplayer?

Call of Duty has done a great job when it comes to including splitscreen multiplayer. Others, like Minecraft, and a ton of Nintendo games offer it as well..

It's All About the Experience!

Hanging out with a friend or sibling on the couch and playing together is just a great experience! Does anyone do this anymore?

Friends Can Actually Stream Splitscreen Gameplay Together!

Let's bring back the demand for splitscreen multiplayer! If you want games to keep offering splitscreen, then let the world know there is demand for it still!

We're creating a list of all splitscreen games in 2023...

Please check out our website and subscribe for it. It's going to list all games by each console that still offer splitscreen!! :)