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The History of Anime from the Beginning to Crunchimation

The popular style of Japanese animation has adopted the title of Anime. First shown in the early 1960’s, the original animated series Osamu Tezuka’s: Tetsuwan Atom Astro Boy premiered on January 1, 1963. In 1958 the first major animation studio came about. This studio brought with them many of the most popular and loved shows from Manga such as Dragon Ball (1986), One Piece (1999), Sailor Moon (1992), Digimon (1999), and Astro Boy (1963).

The 1980s is when anime became a household term in Japan. Many popular genres began to surface such as Shonen. You will recognize this genre as the one that you see ‘’Dragon Ball’’ and ‘’One Piece’’. Many great shonen have come over the years.

Even if you have never watched an anime, you may just recognize the studio name ‘’Studio Ghibli’’. As one of the biggest household names in anime, some of their titles such as ‘’my neighbor Totoro’’ and ‘’spirited away’’. These must-watch anime brought a revolution in animation style and storytelling.

Let’s Talk Tropes

For those of you new to this term, A trope is going to be something used in anime that expresses a figure of speech. ‘’Scaredy cat’’ – ‘’world’s strongest’’ are examples of a trope. In recent years the greatest trope is the ‘’overpowered protagonist’’ the greatest example of this is the show ‘’One Punch Man’’. In this trope, the protagonist has an overwhelming amount of strength.

The Art Style

There are many different art styles in anime that can be from art in “mob psycho100” to “Dragon Ball Z” and even “Sword Art Online”. No one style is better than another. In fact, some anime such as “Naruto” have been known to use two or three different styles between episodes. Watch “Naruto Shippuden” episodes 163-169 to see the changes they have used

Short Shows

Some really good fast-paced anime like “Love is a Cocktail” are only a few minutes long per episode. This format is great in the age of streaming or just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to longer shows. These short Shows started as filler in Japan when they had a short drama/program that would not fill up a time slot fully. You may even find some that are better than fully-fledged anime.

Becoming Mainstream

Some shows like “Dragon Ball Z” and “Sailor Moon” became mainstream by having a large viewer count over the course of the airing. But that doesn’t mean they are the only good ones. You can make a show mainstream if you get enough people to watch too.


When you hear “name an iconic anime.” What comes to mind? “One Piece”, “Inuyasha”, “Pokemon”? Well, you are correct. An iconic anime is one that sticks out in your memory. It could be recent or it could be from your childhood, but it will stick with you forever.


How many of you grew up looking for an animated robot to bring you the best time of your life? Well from 1997 on except for a short 4 years (2008-2012) this programming lineup gave us most of our first tastes of anime in America. Not all of us stayed fans after our youth. But some of us still look for that sense of calm and excitement that came with watching these shows.


As some of you know earlier this year (2022) Funimation began the shut down of their own streaming service to shift focus over to Crunchyroll. Now we have all of the best shows at our fingertips under a single monthly bill. We look forward to how this merger will make our viewing experience better.

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