New Pokémon Characters Revealed for Upcoming Series: Meet the ‘Rising Volteckers’ Crew

The Pokémon Company has unveiled four new characters from its upcoming series, which is set to debut in April 2023. These new characters are part of the “Rising Volteckers” crew led by Professor Friede, who travels across the world researching Pokémon in a large airship. Like Friede, most of the crew members have their own partner Pokémon to assist them.

Ayane Sakura voices the first new character, Orio, who has an affinity for mechanics and partners with Metagross. The second character, Murdock, is interested in culinary arts and partners with Rockruff. Kenta Miyake voices Murdock. The third character, Molly, serves as the team’s medical specialist, partners with Chansey, and is voiced by Kei Shindou. The fourth new character, Randou, seems to be a fisherman, but their partner Pokémon is not yet revealed – if they have one. Ikkyuu Juku voices Randou.

The franchise released a new PV promoting the anime’s two new stars, Liko and Roy. Liko has a Sprigatito as her partner Pokémon and a hairclip shaped like the logo on Ash’s first hat, which has led to fan speculation that she might be Ash’s daughter. Roy, on the other hand, has a Fuecoco as his partner and a mysterious Pokeball. Minori Suzuki and Yuka Terasaki play Liko and Roy, respectively.

The transition to the next generation of the Pokémon anime is momentous and bittersweet for the fanbase. After last year’s announcement that Ash Ketchum was leaving the anime, tributes and farewells to the character popped up all over social media. Sarah Natochenny, who voiced the character in English for over two decades, also bid farewell to Ash on Twitter, saying, “He’ll live forever in the hearts and minds of many generations to come.”

As we eagerly await the new series, let’s enjoy the excitement and speculation that comes with every new release from the world of Pokémon.

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