Should Sony Bring Back The Legend of Dragoon? The Return of a Legendary JRPG from 2000

For those of you who grew up with a PlayStation 1, The Legend of Dragoon may have been the first Japanese role-playing game you’ve ever played. It actually made the genre popular in the West. It’s been over 20 years since the game was released, and Sony has not even mentioned bringing it back.

Sure, you can purchase the game on the PlayStation 3 via the PS3 store, but who knows when they will shut that down. It’s very outdated now and would be hard to play and truly enjoy for someone who grew up with HD graphics consoles. However, if you played the game as a kid and loved it, then you may want to return.

legend of dragoon ps1 game cover

Will Sony Bring Back The Legend of Dragoon?

Let’s hope so! It was a great game! Highly addictive, had enjoyable combat (although near the end it gets a little repetitive), and the story was great for its time. An article published on recently brought up a few good points regarding the game and compared it to Final Fantasy.

A remaster would be nice, and a complete revamp or continuation would be even better! Why hasn’t Sony tried to bring back The Legend of Dragoon? It’s unclear, as it was received well and has the potential to reach both an older and younger audience.

Do you want Sony to bring it back? Would you prefer a remaster, or something completely new?

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