Hogwarts Legacy Preview

Embark on a magical journey to the Wizarding World with “Hogwarts Legacy”! This upcoming action role-playing game is a must-play for all Harry Potter fans, offering a chance to explore the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like never before.

Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games under its Portkey Games label, “Hogwarts Legacy” is a thrilling adventure that promises to transport players to the heart of the Wizarding World.

Official Hogwarts Legacy Game Trailer (4K)

With its immersive gameplay, breathtaking graphics, and captivating story, “Hogwarts Legacy” is the perfect way to escape reality and experience the magic of Hogwarts.

Get ready to cast spells, discover hidden secrets, and forge your own path in the Wizarding World as the game releases in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Dive into the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as you become the star of your own adventure in Hogwarts Legacy. Explore familiar locations from the Wizarding World franchise, such as the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade, as well as new areas like the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw common rooms. Experience the castle’s transformation with the changing seasons as you progress through the game.

Customize your character to your heart’s desire with options for appearance, house, gender, voice, body type, and accessories. Level up and unlock new spells, talents, and abilities to strengthen your character’s magical abilities. Tackle a variety of challenges, including combat, quests, exploration, field guide pages, and the Room of Requirement, to earn experience points and gain levels.

Master the art of spellcasting, potion brewing, and combat as you develop your own unique style. Attend classes as part of the game’s story development, but be prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way. Acquire powerful items through trading or crafting, and tame magical creatures like hippogriffs, thestrals, and even dragons to aid you in combat.

Make friends with interactive non-player characters and watch as these relationships blossom into companionship. Your schoolmates will accompany you on your journey, provide unique dialogue options, and expand your abilities as you uncover their stories. Get ready to embark on a magical journey in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Plot

Step into the wizarding world of the 1890s and play as a fifth-year student starting at Hogwarts. Armed with a wizard’s field guide from the Ministry of Magic, the player must uncover mysterious ancient magic and unravel the reasons behind its resurgence.

As the player progresses, they’ll learn to wield their newfound power and navigate the complexities of the wizarding world, all while discovering a dangerous secret that threatens to tear it apart.

With each section of the guide explored, players will earn valuable experience points and come closer to unlocking the truth. Get ready to delve into a thrilling and immersive adventure as you help uncover the truth behind this forgotten magic.

Characters and Voice Cast

On January 12, 2023, the primary voice cast was announced, and players will be able to control a new Hogwarts student, voiced by Sebastian Croft or Amelia Gething, as they navigate their journey at the school.

Famous characters from the Wizarding World franchise, including Nearly Headless Nick, The Fat Lady, and Peeves, will make appearances and will interact with the player. The game will also introduce new characters such as Professor Eleazar Fig, who acts as a mentor figure to the protagonist, and ancestors of familiar characters like Phineas Nigellus Black and Professor Matilda Weasley, voiced by Simon Pegg and Lesley Nicol respectively.

New faces include Hogwarts students Amit Thakkar, Everett Clopton, and Professors Onai and Shah, voiced by Asif Ali, Luke Youngblood, Kandace Caine, and Sohm Kapila respectively.

As the player progresses through the game, they will have the opportunity to build friendships with fellow students Natasai Onai, Poppy Sweeting and Sebastian Swallow, who can join them as companion characters on their adventure.

The protagonist will face challenges posed by the villainous Ranrok, leader of the Goblin Rebellion, and Victor Rookwood, the head of a group of Dark Wizards.

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