Piccolo's transformation into Orange Piccolo is an advanced form of the Potential Unleashed state he possesses. This form grants him immense power that rivals that of Goku and his companions.

Piccolo undergoes a physical change when transforming into Orange Piccolo. He becomes more muscular and takes on an orange hue. The Namekian pride symbol is branded onto his back, adding to his menacing appearance.

Orange Piccolo's strengthis described  as "never seen by mortals and gods alike." This form gives Piccolo a power boost that makes him a formidable opponent in battle.

Piccolo achieved this transformation after Shenron granted a wish to unlock his full potential. This power-up proves to be a game-changer...

In the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Orange Piccolo proves to be the decisive factor in battles against Gamma 2 and Cell Max.

Orange Piccolo's transformation is a welcome addition to the Dragon Ball series as it bridges the power gap between him and the Saiyans.