Complete daily tasks: By completing the daily tasks on your task board, you'll earn bucks that you can use to purchase items and eggs to grow your pet collection.

Trade wisely: Trading with other players can be a great way to acquire rare and valuable pets, but make sure to do your research and understand the value of the pets you're trading.

Hatch eggs: Buying eggs and hatching them is a great way to add new pets to your collection. Invest in eggs, especially cracked eggs as they are cheaper than others.

Play as a baby: Switching your role to that of a baby in the game will give you access to tasks meant for babies, which can help you earn more money and level up your pets faster.

Attend to your pets needs: Fulfilling the needs of your pets by completing pet tasks will earn you more money and help your pets grow to higher levels.

Attend to login daily: Logging into the game daily will earn you rewards, and also will increase your chances of getting a gift or a crashed egg.

Be mindful of your spending: Be strategic and consider whether the item you are buying is truly worth the cost, or if you're better off saving your money for more valuable investments like eggs.

Learn the pet values: When you have enough pets, you better learn the pet values to have advantages in deals with other players.