We found out which PS5 controller chargers work the best...

Funny thing is... the most expensive ones aren't even the best! 

So we purchased and tested multiple charging station variations to see what worked the best.

Our favorite charging station is the one made by HyperX

You may know the brand from their high quality gaming headsets, but they also make other PlayStation accessories.

Even though we think HyperX makes the best one overall...

There are charging stations that offer superior features, such as the one that mounts on top of the console and also holds a headset.

The one above was made just for the PS5, with a very similar design. 

It fast charges two controllers, and blends in with the PS5 - although, not everyone is a fan of the style.

We made a list of the "Top 5" best chargers, where you can compare the details and learn more!