My Top 3 Favorite Houses in Adopt Me: Exploring Unique and Stunning Builds

The Sandbox Island

A unique house in Adopt Me with a gray stone portal exterior leading to a beautiful island, available for 2,250 in-game bucks.

The Sandbox Island Continued...

The island features a large beach, water, palm trees, and wooden steps, making it a great choice for players looking for a unique and stunning build.

A Very Very Important Person’s House (VIP Home)

A four-story house with a large three-paneled window, brown door, and "VIP" sign, available with the VIP Gamepass for 750 Robux.

VIP HOME Continued....

The VIP Home has four visible floors with balconies, a large palm tree on the second floor, and an elevator that takes players to Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, or Cinema.

Biodome Home

A two-story, hermetically sealed biodome house featuring a lush green space with a small pond and wooden home, available for 2,750 in-game bucks.

Thanks for joining me on the tour of my top 3 favorite houses in Adopt Me! To see more, check out my Youtube channel Nyssasmoakk for tours of my Biodome Home and VIP Home builds.