My Hero Academia Season 7 Confirmed! Great news, My Hero Academia fans! A new season has been confirmed in Shonen Jump.

What Do We Know So Far? Although details for season 7 have not been confirmed, we know that it will cover the U.A. Traitor arc and the Final War arc.

The U.A. Traitor is a mysterious character who has yet to be revealed in the anime. They are expected to make an appearance in season 7.

The U.A. Traitor arc is the twenty-first narrative arc in My Hero Academia and the third arc within the Final Act Saga.

When Does the U.A. Traitor Arc Begin? The U.A. Traitor arc begins on Volume 34, which is currently available in Japanese.

English Release Date The English release of Volume 34 is scheduled for May 2, 2023, and can be purchased on Amazon.