Microsoft has partnered with Boosteroid, the world's largest independent cloud gaming provider, to bring Xbox first-party PC games to its cloud gaming platform.

Call of Duty, a popular game franchise by Activision Blizzard, will be among the Xbox PC games available on Boosteroid.

Boosteroid has over 4 million users and is committed to providing gamers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games on any device.

The partnership is a significant step in realizing Xbox's vision of giving everyone more ways to play their favorite games across devices.

The CEO of Microsoft gaming, Phil Spencer, believes in the power of games to bring people together.

Boosteroid CEO Ivan Shvaichenko appreciates Microsoft's commitment to Ukraine and looks forward to working on initiatives to support local game development.

Despite challenges, including damages to its offices during war, Boosteroid has continued to grow and expand its cloud gaming services in 2023.