Titans: The Final Episodes Trailer and Release Date

Titans has been cancelled, but there is still one more season to go before it’s over! Titans: The Final Episodes (Season 4) wil launch with two episodes on Thursday, April 13th. After that, there will be weekly releases until the series finale on May 11.

This information has been confirmed by HBO Max, and we know it’s not what the fans want to hear, but this will be the last seasoon of Titans. Still, we are also expecting the best season yet, and the official Titans season 4 trailer gives us a few hints at what’s going to happen…

In the new trailer, we see a possible alliance forged between Brother Blood and Conner Kent Luther. Tim Drake’s Robin has a new supersuit designed by Laura Jean Shannon, and it looks epic! We don’t want to hype it up too early, but so far it looks very promising!

The Titans return in the mid-season premier, returned to the Temple of Trigon (without Gar), where they find out Sebastian and Mother Mayhem aren’t there anymore. The team rushes to find them before Sebastian summons his father Trigon, which leads them to a mysterious town where the residents hide a deep secret.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of Titans (The Final Episodes)!!

Titans: The Final Episodes Trailer


When is Titals last season coming out?

Titans: The Final Episodes (Season 4) will become available for HBO Max users on April 13, 2023.

Can I watch Titans on Netflix?

No. Titans is an HBO Max exclusive and isn’t available anywhere else.

Is Titans cancelled?

Titans is officially coming to an end, so yes, it has been cancelled. However, Titans: The Final Episodes will be available for streaming in Mid-April.

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