Street Fighter 6 Preview

The highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 is on its way to take the gaming world by storm. Developed and published by the renowned company Capcom, this action-packed fighting game is slated to be released on June 2, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Japanese gamers will also have the chance to experience the thrill of the arcade version, which is exclusively available in Japan through Taito in 2023.

The legendary fighting game series has been powered up by the RE Engine, which is the same technology that brought photorealistic visuals to popular franchises like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. This means that players can expect nothing but the best in terms of graphics from Street Fighter 6.

Fans of the series are in for a treat as some of their favorite characters such as Ryu and Chun-Li, along with newer stars like Luke from Street Fighter V, and the latest addition Jamie, who combines his break-dancing skills with a diverse range of fighting styles, will be making a comeback.

Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6 Looks Stunning and Immersive

The game’s stunning visuals are tailor-made for modern consoles, and players can expect to delve into the expansive world of Street Fighter through the three new foundational modes: Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, and World Tour. The World Tour mode, in particular, will allow players to create and leave their own legacy through the immersive story mode.

What We Know About the Gameplay

Street Fighter 6 boasts three key gameplay modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. In Fighting Ground, players can participate in local and online versus battles, as well as hone their skills in training and arcade modes, all featuring the classic 2D fighting gameplay that the series is known for. On the other hand, World Tour is a single-player story mode that allows players to customize their avatar and embark on action-adventure journeys in 3D environments. Finally, Battle Hub serves as an online lobby mode, with more features set to be revealed in the future.

Fighting Ground in Street Fighter 6

The heart of Street Fighter 6’s gameplay lies in the Drive Gauge, a system that encourages players to unleash their creativity. This gauge offers five different techniques, and players must decide which to prioritize. Most of these mechanics have roots in previous Street Fighter titles, such as Parry, Focus Attack, EX move, and more. The game features two control types: the “classic” control scheme, which has a six-button layout, and the “modern” control scheme, which maps special moves to a single button combined with a directional input.

Street Fighter 6 also brings back multiple super combos from the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series and the Ultra Combo W variant from Ultra Street Fighter IV. However, each character only has three super combos based on their level gauge. For example, Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, Shin Hashogeki, and Shin Shoryuken can only be used at Level 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

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