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Enter a world of post-apocalyptic survival where every step could be your last. Meet Your Maker, the upcoming first-person building and raiding game, takes players on a journey through treacherous terrain, where survival means staying one step ahead of the competition. Set to release on April 4th, 2023, Meet Your Maker promises to revolutionize the gaming world with its unique, player-designed levels, and thrilling fast-paced combat.

In this game, the tables turn as players become the architects of their own destinies, crafting deadly outposts and cunning mazes to outsmart their rivals and protect their resources. Get ready to gear up for the ultimate raid, as you enter a world where the only rule is to stay alive – by any means necessary.

What We Know About Meet Your Maker

In the post-apocalyptic world of Meet Your Maker, you are the master of your own destiny. As the custodian of a living experiment, the Chimera, you must enter a tactical battle for the planet’s most coveted resource – pure genetic material. In Meet Your Maker, you must construct and fortify brutal outposts to extract and guard your Genmat.

But beware, other players are also after this precious resource, and they won’t hesitate to infiltrate and outsmart your outposts to gather more. In this upcoming game, it’s adapt, upgrade, and evolve or die trying.

Outpost building in Meet Your Maker screenshot

Outpost Building: Immerse yourself in block-based, first-person level design. Claim plots of land and use a variety of blocks, traps, and guards to extract and protect Genmat while creating a deadly challenge for other players to face. The game provides a deep, ever-expanding toolbox of traps, guards, mods, and augments that offer nearly endless combinations of creative and strategic options as you fortify underground or build into the sky. You can also add cosmetics to bring atmosphere, personality, and even distractions to your creation.

Outpost Raiding: The game also allows you to jump into a raider suit, choose your loadout, and switch to intense first-person action as you take on player-built outposts. You must destroy traps and guards for additional building resources and upgrades while raiding for Genmat. To gain an edge, you can choose the right loadout (melee, ranged, defensive), perks, and consumables to match your challenge or playstyle. Each attempt reveals a new strategy, and you must master every outpost that stands in your way.

Asynchronous Gameplay: Build when you want, how you want. Even once live, no Outpost is complete until you say it is. You can watch its performance, iterate to make it even deadlier, and raid for more resources as often as you like along the way. The game provides asynchronous gameplay, allowing you to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Progression & Upgrades: To unlock and upgrade your arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, suits, and more, you must provide the Chimera and your 5 specialized Advisors with Genmat. You can also prestige your outposts to prolong their lifespan and gain even greater rewards.

Accolades & Social Raids: Don’t just build an outpost; design an experience. Raiders select accolades to describe your creation, rewarding ingenuity, originality, and helping grow its reputation. The Social Raid menu easily connects you to your friends’ or favorite Builders’ outposts to play at any time. You can even watch raiders challenge your outposts via the replay system and never miss a kill.

Meet Your Maker setting screenshot

Post-Apocalyptic Gaming Done Right

Meet Your Maker is a game that combines the excitement of first-person combat with the creativity of block-based, first-person level design. With a deep and ever-expanding toolbox of traps, guards, mods, and augments, Meet Your Maker offers nearly endless combinations of creative and strategic options for players. With asynchronous gameplay, progression and upgrades, accolades, and social raids, this is a game that promises to be the next big thing in post-apocalyptic gaming.

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