Fable 4 Preview

Fable is finally making a return to Xbox! It’s been many years since Fable 3 was released, and fans have been anticipating the next game for about a decade now. So, as fans of the series, we thought it would be great to include everything we know about Fable 4 so far, from behind-the-scenes development stuff to the expected release date.

The new Fable game is still in development and there is not an official release date set, but we will definitely keep this post updated with new information as it becomes available to us. So please, bookmark this page if you’re looking forward to the next Fable game!

Who’s Making the New Fable Game?

Even though the first three Fable games were great, we’re happy to say that this next one will be made by Playground Games, the same guys who worked on the Forza Horizon series. At first thought, it might seem strange that developers known for a racing series like Forza Horizon would be working on an action RPG – but we have reason to believe they will make this the most epic Fable release yet.

Leaked photo of Fable 4 game

For starters, this new game will be built on the same game engine as the Forza Motorsport games. The game is called the Forzatech engine (go figure), and it’s being used to build a number of AAA games right now. Why? Because it’s an awesome game engine that helps developers make top-of-the-line games.

Will it be an MMORPG – or just an action RPG?

We know for sure that the upcoming release is going to be a role-playing game, but we don’t know for sure if it will be an MMO. Fans and critics are actually split on this issue, as many fans would love to see a Fable MMO, while about half of us prefer to see a traditional RPG experience.

Fable 4 characters

Here’s what we actually know so far:

Fable 4 is set to continue the tradition of previous games in the main series as an open-world action RPG focused on story and characters. Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, expressed excitement about the franchise being in the hands of the talented game developer, Playground Games, in England.

The game will have classic British humor true to the franchise and will be a role-playing game. Although a rumor surfaced in 2020 suggesting that Fable 4 may be an MMO set in the world of Fable, nothing has been confirmed yet. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Fable 4 Rumors and Predictions

A leak from 2019 about Fable 4 suggested that the gameplay and core themes may have changed, with the game set across multiple planets and possibly involving time travel. The premise involves saving Albion after it was destroyed by a Mad King’s wish on the Tattered Spire.

Players can use time travel to complete the main quest or ignore it entirely. They can also build their own towns and have a character creator with in-depth customization. Unlike previous games, Fable 4 will not have guns and will have multiplayer features.

However, all of these details are unconfirmed and should not be taken too seriously.

Official Fable 4 Teaser Trailer

The familiar elements of Fable, such as swords, magic, fairies, and the glimmering Albion, are present in the latest installment. The voiceover has a strong resemblance to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Watch the official teaser on YouTube to get a preview of the new game.

“The world is filled with stories of legendary heroes and treacherous villains. Of fantastical creatures and wondrous places. Where nature and magic live in perfect harmony. Not all stories have happy endings! But yours has yet to be written.”

Fable 4 Release Date

Fable 4 is still in development for Xbox Series S/X and PC, and no official release date has been confirmed yet. As of now, we can expect a 2024 release, but it’s still possible for Microsoft to release it later this year.

Stay tuned, as we will update this page with new details as they are revealed. Until then, leave a comment and let us know what you’re hoping to see in the upcoming Fable game!

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