Does Diablo 4 Have a Secret Cow Level?

Fans desparately want D4 to have a secret cow level! While Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 does not currently include one, players remain unconvinced and are determined to uncover the mythical space.

Hell Bovine from Diablo 2 Secret Cow Level

Despite development chief Rod Fergusson’s statement that the game would stay grounded and devoid of secret levels, a significant portion of the playerbase refuses to accept this. They suspect that Blizzard is intentionally misleading them to keep the secret cow level hidden until its discovery becomes a surprising event. After all, who cares about the truth when the mystery is more enticing?

One passionate redditor named Altnob has compiled various theories and discoveries made by Diablo 4 players in a detailed post resembling the musings of a conspiracy theorist.

According to the post, Diablo 4 puzzles have been entertaining, and some findings have led players to believe that the cow level does indeed exist. Discussions revolve around hidden quests, enigmatic portals, and screenshots featuring NPCs saying peculiar things. One observation notes a mention of “Oxen Gods” in Ked Bardu, while datamined items are speculated to be part of a future quest that unlocks the cow level.

Evidence of a Hidden Cow Level?

A particular discovery has caught fans’ attention and seems most promising for the cow level. A Bloody Wooden Shard with a carved “W” and a Musty Tome are reminiscent of Wirt’s wooden leg and the Tome of Town Portal from Diablo 2, which were essential for accessing Moo Moo Farm.

Taking the investigation further, another redditor named frogbound meticulously tracked down all cow spawns throughout the world of Sanctuary. It turns out that most cow spawns align with visible fields on the map and occur in groups of three. Although there are some inconsistencies when relogging, resulting in fewer cows spawning, the mystery deepens.

The pursuit of the cow level continues, with frogbound expressing determination to explore more leads. Drawing a cow head on the map of Sanctuary, however, may have crossed the line into excessive conspiracy. Fellow redditor Aurabora humorously dubbed it the “Bermuda Cowangle.”

No Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4…

Since D4 came out, rumors of a secret cow level have persisted. Whether it exists or not, the search for the secret cow level has become an engaging quest within the game. Which really, is a win-win for players and Blizzard. It’s truly uniting the original fans.

With that said, there are ways to get the same result, so you don’t need a secret cow level in D4. There are many great ways to farm items and XP in the game! But still, it would be fun to fight some more Hell Bovine on this graphically superior game!

Secret Cow Level in D2
Why do people care so much about a secret cow level in Diablo?

The cow level in Diablo 2: Resurrected was perfect for farming rare items and XP. With a seemingly endless herd of cows to fight, the XP came quick and item drops were great. A version of the cow level also made it into Diablo 3, and even World of Warcraft.

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