Diablo Immortal Review

Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase have developed Diablo Immortal, a massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game that is free-to-play. This game is a part of the Diablo series and is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. Players can choose from six different classes – Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, or Crusader – and control their character to find and destroy the hidden shards of the Worldstone to prevent the Lord of Damnation, Skarn, from destroying Sanctuary.

Initially, the development of Diablo Immortal was focused on creating a game for touch controls on mobile devices, but it later expanded to support game controllers and PC. The game offers a business model that allows players to access additional content through microtransactions, although almost all the content can be obtained through gameplay without any payment.

The announcement of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon in 2018 received a largely negative response from Diablo fans who were expecting an installment designed for PC. It was launched on Android and iOS on June 2, 2022, for countries mainly outside of the Asia-Pacific region, with a beta release for Windows on the same day. The game’s Asia-Pacific release was delayed by several days before its original date, and most releases took place on July 8, 2022, with the China launch on July 25, 2022.

Diablo Immortal received mixed reviews, with praise for its combat, graphics, and adaptation of Diablo to mobile devices. However, criticism focused on the plot, voice acting, and the game’s emphasis on microtransactions. Immortal had the largest launch in the franchise’s history, with over ten million downloads, reaching 30 million downloads by the end of July 2022. Unfortunately, due to microtransactions and the progression system, it became the lowest user-rated game on Metacritic.

Diablo Immortal Mobile Gameplay

Diablo Immortal loading screen

The core gameplay of Diablo Immortal involves a player character equipped with a sword and shield attacking a Skeletal Warrior enemy. The game also features a Crusader fighting an undead enemy in the Ashwold Cemetery. Designed as a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game for mobile devices, Diablo Immortal requires an internet connection during play and has cross-save functionality for players to continue their progress across multiple devices.

Diablo Immortal has fast-paced and arcade-like gameplay that is similar to Diablo III, with destructible environments and an isometric graphic style. However, the game’s tone is closer to the more somber style of Diablo II, retaining the vibrant art style of Diablo III.

The game’s activities are designed to be small in size to fit with the shorter play sessions common to mobile gaming. Unlike many other free-to-play mobile games, Immortal does not feature an “energy” system to limit free play time.

Players can create one or more characters and select from six character classes with 12 unlockable skills. “Charms” can also be acquired within the game and equipped to further increase skill effectiveness and change how they function. Immortal also features a “Class Change” system, allowing players to change the class of an existing character without resetting progress.

The game is designed for touchscreen devices with virtual controls that overlay the display, but players can also use a connected gamepad or mouse and keyboard. Unlike previous games in the series, mana and other class-specific resources have been removed from Immortal in favor of a cooldown-based system for skills. Performing attacks fills the character’s “Ultimate meter”, which allows the use of more powerful attacks for a limited time period.

Diablo Immortal is available on Windows PC if you prefer the traditional mouse and keyboard setup. We thought the mobile experience was user-friendly and actually fun to play without too many controls and menu items all over the screen.

We think the skill system and item upgrade systems are all perfect for a fun mobile experience. Sure, the game makes money from in-game purchases, but, you do not have to pay to win or excel at this game! Doing daily bounties and other quests will get you far!

The Meta Hunter Rating: 5/5

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