Best Xbox Series X Cooling Stands with LEDs

I’ve been an Xbox fan since the original console came out in 2001, but it wasn’t until the Xbox 360 came out that I ever had to buy a cooling fan for a gaming console. These new Xbox Series X cooling stands pack a ton of features, but the LEDs are just cool for optimizing the gaming experience.

It sounds silly, but LEDs do improve the vibe of a room, especially one you play video games in… Who doesn’t love ambient lighting in their room? So, I have checked out almost all the Xbox Series X cooling stands with LEDs, and thoroughly tested 3 of them personally.

I want to help you make the best buying decision based on what I know works good, because I do believe in function first over design – so not one of these cooling stands is a sacrifice in quality for fancy lighting, I promise you that!

With that said, let’s get to the list so you can choose one of the best cooling stations for your Series X…

Top 5 Xbox Series X Cooling Stands with LEDs

#1) Ankey Automatic Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X Console

Xbox Series X cooling stand with LEDs, controller holders and other advanced features

The Ankey Xbox Series X Cooling Stand is a specially designed cooling fan that fits the Xbox Series X perfectly. With a smart chip and temperature sensor, the cooling fan adjusts its running speed with the temperature, effectively sucking the hot air from the inside of the console and preventing over-heating issues. The fan has a manual mode, allowing users to change the speed (1500RPM/ 1750RPM/ 2000RPM) manually when necessary.

This cooling stand also features two USB 2.0 ports, allowing users to charge their controllers, cellphones, and other accessories with an output of 5V 0.5A for every port. The stand also has two holders for placing your controller and headphones after gaming time, saving space and time.

The Ankey Xbox Series X Cooling Stand is designed with a flowing RGB light that automatically turns on with the fan, creating a super cool game atmosphere. Users can turn it off easily with a long press on the power button when necessary.

Installation is super easy, and all you have to do it put it on top of the console and connect the USB port on the back. There are 9 blades on the fan to keep the noise quiet – and it is actually very quiet compared to previous cooling fans I’ve used in the past.

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#2) Mviioe Xbox Series X Cooling Stand with LED Indicator

Mviioe Xbox Series X Cooling Stand LED illumination chart

I recently got my hands on the Mviioe Xbox Series X Cooling Stand with LED Indicator, and I must say, it is definitely one of the coolest and efficient accessories for the Xbox Series X! The all-in-one cooling fan combines heat dissipation, noise-killing, and RGB atmosphere light features, making it a must-have for any hardcore gamer out there.

What’s impressive about the Mviioe cooling fan is that it comes equipped with one large heavy-duty fan, which distributes air more effectively compared to small fans. It also has 3 level speeds (1800/1900/2000 RPM) with 3 indicators (orange for regular, blue for medium, and green for super) for efficient and adjustable cooling. Plus, the built-in intelligent chip ensures that the fan operates quietly, providing a better gaming experience overall.

The Mviioe Xbox Series X Cooling Stand’s unique RGB light design is another feature that I love. It has 6 monochrome and 1 mixed color options, which change automatically, but you can also change it to a specific color by tapping the button on the cooling fan. The independent touch switch makes it easy to turn the LED lights on and off when necessary.

Another great feature of the Mviioe cooling fan is the 3 USB ports that support data transmission and connection with keyboard, controllers, or mouse. Assembling the cooling stand is a breeze, and it fits perfectly with the Xbox Series X. The grooves on top of the fan hold the console securely, and the USB ports are conveniently located in the front for easy access.

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#3) MENEEA Cooling Fan for Series X

MENEEA Dust Cover cooling fan for Xbox Series X

This is one of the best accessories for any Xbox Series X user, as it integrates many functions such as top cooling fan, dust-proof, color light strip, USB interface for data transmission, and USB interface for charging.

The high-speed large fan built into the colorful dust-proof cooling fan helps accelerate the hot air exhausted from the top of the console and reduces the temperature of my Xbox Series X console. I especially love the efficient fan system, which has 3 gears and is a touch switch – the low gear is orange, the second gear is blue, and the high gear is green. The heat dissipation effect is more obvious, and the noise is so low that I can hardly feel it.

The colorful light strip is also a great addition to this product, as it adds to the atmosphere of my games. I can change the light color with an independent touch switch, which contains 6 monochromes and 1 mixed color. This feature is super easy to use and adds to my overall gaming experience.

Why It’s One of the Best Options…

This cooling stand contains two USB interfaces, one blue 3.0 USB interface that supports 3.0 data transmission, and another white 2.0 USB interface that can only charge products such as controllers, mobile phones, small desk lamps, and more. This feature is very convenient, as I can easily charge my devices in the process of playing games.

The MENEEA Xbox Series X cooling fan also has a dust cover filter that prevents dust from entering the USB and HDMI ports for Xbox Series X, extending the life of my console. The dust cover is compatible with Xbox Series X and is easy to install and replace without additional tools.

Quick Tip: Many gamers are implementing both a top and bottom cooling fan for the Series X – and this one pairs well with a bottom fan if you need more cooling power.

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#4) The G-STORY

G Story Xbox cooling fan detail infographic

We recently tested the G-Story cooling fan for the Xbox Series X and found that it was highly effective in keeping the console cool even after hours of gaming. One of its standout features is the LED temperature display, which allows you to monitor the temperature of your console and prevent overheating. The cooling fan also features intelligent control and custom fan speed options, with automatic mode adjusting the fan speed according to the temperature and manual mode allowing you to choose from three fan speed options.

With its three levels of fan speed and RGB LED lights, the fan can cool your console at the most appropriate speed to protect it. Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the G-Story fan is also low noise and lightweight, making it easy to use and highly portable. Installation is a breeze, with simple placement on top of the console and connection to the console via cable. If you have any questions or concerns, the G-Story team is always available to help.

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#5) Upgraded Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox Series X with Controller Charger Station Dock

Upgraded Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox Series X with Controller Charger Station Dock

Introducing the ultimate Xbox Series X cooling stand – the Upgraded Vertical Cooling Stand with Controller Charger Station Dock. We believe this is the best of the best, featuring all the necessary components and then some.

The Upgraded Efficient Dual Fan Cooling System is a game changer. With two suction cooler fans, this stand offers improved cooling for the Xbox Series X Console. The ON/OFF fan button controls the operation of the fans, while the external dual cooling fans work together with the console fan, ensuring the console stays cool during long gaming sessions.

The Dual Controller Charging Stand is equipped with 2 charging slots for Xbox Series X controllers and LED indicators that display the charging status (green or red). This feature allows you to store or hold your controllers when not in use, keeping your gaming area neat and organized. Please note that the stand is only compatible with the original controller battery (official rechargeable battery).

Why It’s The Best…

This stand is a must-have for any Xbox Series X owner. With the cooling fan, controller charger, headset stand and game card holder, you have everything you need in one convenient package. The fan plugs directly into the USB slot on the console, eliminating tangled cords and keeping your gaming area clean and organized.

The 6 In 1 Vertical Stand includes a vertical stand for the Xbox Series X game console and controller, 2 expansion card slots, 2 cooling fans, 2 controllers charging dock, 1 headset stand holder, and 8 game storage racks for your game cards. The stand is designed to be sturdy and vented, increasing pull from the bottom and making you feel more secure in your placement of the console.

Additional features include a non-slip pad on the bottom of the stand to keep your console safe, 3 levels of adjustable speed for the cooling fan (low, medium, and high), 2 card slots for storage expansion cards, and an additional USB port on the cooling fan for charging.

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Do cooling fans work for the Xbox Series X?

Absolutely! However, many of them are only capable of dropping the temperature by a few degrees. Still, this is enough to improve both the performance and lifespan of your console.

Does the Xbox Series X have cooling issues?

Not really, but it can get hot after long hours of usage. Cooling stands are perfect for competitive gamers who play for hours at a time.

How do I improve the cooling on my Xbox Series X?

One key tip is to ensure that your console is situated on a stable surface with ample ventilation and is located away from direct sources of heat. Avoid placing any objects on top of, under, or directly next to the console as this can impede proper airflow and lead to overheating.

Is the Xbox Series X fan supposed to run constantly?

The fan is always on, even when the console is in low power mode. It’s completely normal for your fan to constantly run, although it’s not supposed to be loud all the time.

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