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Best Way to Protect Your Funko Pops: Keeping Boxes in Mint Condition

How to Protect Your Boxed Funko Pops

Do you like to keep your Funko Pop figures in their boxes? It seems like most collectors prefer to keep them in their original packaging. This is because Funko packages them in nice boxes with display windows. You can keep them in mint condition, while also keeping them on display.

The problem is, many collectors are picky about their Funko boxes and want them in mint condition. However, if you order “new” ones on Amazon and eBay, you will often get ones with damaged boxes. Be careful of who you order from! We always ship our Funko Pops as safely as possible to prevent damage during the shipping process.

Not every seller or store is concerned with keeping your box in mint condition when they ship it to you (this is especially true for commons). When ordering a high-dollar Chase or Exclusive Pop, make sure the seller will ship them securely.

Don’t like keeping them in boxes and want to put them on stands instead? No worries, many Pops are still selling for high prices outside of the box. Not everyone is concerned with the box condition, or even keeping them in their original packaging.

Still, every Funko Pop collector should at least know how to keep them in mint condition. Some Funko Pops get vaulted and are never produced again, so it’s important to do your best and keep them in mint condition.

How to Keep Your Funko Pop Boxes in Mint Condition

The best way to keep the boxes in mint condition is to use common sense and put them in Funko Pop Protectors. There are hard and soft covers available, and prices may vary. However, it’s not uncommon for boxes to get smashed during shipping – often breaking the protector and the box.

In order to keep them in mint condition, you simply have to store them in a safe place where small children and pets can’t get to them. This is the single most important part of keeping the boxes in mint condition! Common sense! Don’t put them somewhere where they might fall or get knocked over.

To protect them from UV damage, you can use a protector rated for UV protection – however, the best thing to do is keep them away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Colors will fade over time if the box has been exposed to the sun.

Funko makes their own protectors, as well as a ton of other brands. They’re not all created equal, so pay attention to product reviews before making a purchase.

Plastic Vinyl Protectors: These soft cases are excellent for protecting your basic Pops, and they’re much cheaper than the hard case alternative. If you have a lot of Pops to protect, then opt for these soft plastic covers. Remember, the main way to keep your Pops safe is to keep them in a safe place! Soft protector cases are usually about the price of 10 regular Pops.

Hard Case Protectors: These are what you want to use for your most valuable figures, so buy them for your Chase Pops, Limited Edition, Special Event (Comic-Con) Pops, Exclusives, etc. Hard cases are usually the price of 1 basic Funko Pop.

Recommended Pop Protectors: EcoTek Protectors

Why? Because EcoTek makes quality protectors and sells them at a reasonable price. The company sells protectors for 2-pack Pops, 5-pack pops, 10-inch pops, etc. They have them all. And no, the link above is not a sponsored ad or affiliate link.

Are Protectors Needed to Ship Pops?

If you browse eBay, you will find that many sellers are shipping Pops in protectors as a way to charge more. We’re talking about new, basic Pops! Rare, more expensive Pops should always be shipped inside a protective case.

Is it necessary? Absolutely not! We’ve sold and shipped a ton of Funko Pops without any issues. You can package them safely without putting them in a protector. In fact, there are many posts you can find on Reddit and other communities, where the protectors failed to protect the Pops during shipping.

However, it’s an effective selling point, as collectors are tired of getting damaged Pops delivered to their homes. So if you’re selling or shipping Pops, consider buying affordable protectors – but definitely try to buy in bulk so you can have a nice profit margin and stay in business.

Shipping a Pop to a friend or family member as a gift? Put it in a box, with enough room for foam or paper padding to surround it. If it’s too tight, any damage to the outside of the box will also damage the box inside the box. Make sure you have enough padding inside the box to keep the Funko Pop from moving around and you’ll be fine.

Worried about scratches, but don’t have a case? Put the Pop in a plastic shopping bag before putting it in the box. There are so many ways to safely ship these vinyl figures, you just have to get creative.


Other sources claim that protecting your Funko Pop boxes is vital to preserving your investment. However, many collectible figures are often bought and sold for top-dollar prices outside of their boxes. Pops are becoming less unique, and the landscape can always change. For all we know, demand for Pops might fade significantly in a few years. And really, what good is a $1k+ Pop if there’s no one who wants to buy it?

So consider your own goals, because not everyone is buying Pops with hopes of selling them. Some are collecting Pops from their favorite TV show or a game just because they love collecting stuff. If that’s what you’re doing, then don’t panic about your boxes being in mint condition.

However, these protective cases are also great for keeping dust off of your boxes, and protecting from minor falls. We recommend you shop around, as some cases will cost more than the Pops!

Protect your Funko Pops regardless of whether they’re unboxed or not! The actual vinyl figures inside the boxes are selling on their own on eBay and Mercari, outside of the box. Outside, of, the, box. Don’t panic, it’s a thing. People buy them. #freethepop

There are protective display cases you can buy to keep the figures themselves in mint condition. If you happen to own a rare or vaulted Pop outside of the box – then you should definitely store it safely, as it will collect dust. Sunlight must also be avoided.

On the other hand, if your collection is mainly an investment that you plan on selling in the future, then you should absolutely preserve the boxes to the best of your ability. This will ensure you make the most out of your investment in the future when you decide to sell.

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