Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox Series X/S in 2023

The Xbox Series X/S is a powerhouse of a gaming console, delivering stunning visuals and immersive gameplay. But what good is all that power if you don’t have a top-quality gaming headset to take full advantage of it?

If you’ve ever played with a good set of headphones then you will know it provides the best gaming experience, as you can hear more clearly when sounds are coming from the left or right. Obviously, for games like CoD, this is crucial, and it definitely gives you an edge.

Picking the right headset doesn’t have to be time-consuming process, we’ve got you covered with a quick and detailed list of the best gaming headsets that are compatible with the Xbox Series X/S. We’ve considered factors such as sound quality, durability (some you need this more than others!) comfort, compatibility, and price to make it easier for you to find the perfect gaming headset that suits your needs.

Top 6 Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox Players

Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset ($45)

Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset

Sound: The Razer BlackShark V2 X gaming headset is made “by gamers for gamers” – and you can most certainly tell by looking at the style and specs (50mm drivers). While the sound may sound cheap compared to higher-end headsets, the Razer BlackShark V2 X does pack quite the punch when it comes to bass. However, the audio quality suffers from amplified mid-range tones. Still, for gaming, this is actually not a bad thing.

Microphone: This is one of its best features, as you will find that this is something all the reviews on Amazon rave about. For most gamers, both professional and casual, this is one of the most important factors, and this headset doesn’t disappoint. Friends will be able to hear your voice clearly and it will definitely make for a better gaming experience if you play a lot of multiplayer.

Durability: Alright, this is what all you angry gamers are really worried about – and yes, this headset is durable and will be able to tolerate being thrown… at least it feels like it can – we didn’t want to break ours so we didn’t try.

Comfort and Style: This particular model has a simple (almost generic) gamer aesthetic. The design is not too over the top, but also not super elegant and as sharp-looking as some higher end headsets. However, the Razer Blackshark V2 X is a lightweight, incredibly comfortable headset. It feels good around the ears, and is still comfortable with glasses on.

Noise Cancellation: The foam around the ears does a great job at canceling noise and providing you with a more immersive gaming experience. It literally feels like you’re blocked out from the physical world (at least on an audio level) when you’re playing a game with this headset. No complaints here.

Overall: Best Gaming Headset under $50

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset ($35)

BENGOO G9000 Gaming Headset with blue lights lit up and mic down

Sound: The BENGOO G9000 is the cheapest headset on our list, and therefore you can expect it to have the worst sound quality of the bunch. However, most reviewers find it to be “just fine”, or “okay”… meaning, they are perfect for casual gaming and remote working – not the best, but the volume knob on the cord is always a nice bonus and the speakers have a nice amount of bass.

Microphone: Great mic for the price! This headset will do just fine if you want to start streaming or using it for multiplayer gaming. It’s not the best, obviously, it’s the cheapest option to get started.

Durability: Besides the price, this is where the BENGOO G9000 shines. It’s a durable headset, not that easy to break. This is the kind of headset that will last for years… although, we do hope you upgrade as soon as possible if you’re interested in using it for streaming or podcast type work.

Comfort and Style: Depends on the size of your head and ears, but most users find it to be comfortable while gaming or using it for remote meetings. It’s actually a very elegant design, obviously it still screams “gamer headset” when you look at the LED light and overall design – but the G9000 would still fit in well if you needed to use it on a professional level.

Noise Cancellation: Good enough while gaming, but not the best if you want pure silence and don’t have enough noise coming through the speakers to help drown out the noise around you. For instance, if you have music on, you won’t hear anything else but that music. Turn the music off, and you barely get any noise cancellation effects. However, even LOW volume music will block out noise, it doesn’t take much.

Overall: Best Value for Casual Gamers

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset ($40)

Sound: Turtle Beach is known for offering quality products at a great value price, and the Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset features some decent 40mm speakers for the price. Although, the quality isn’t much different from other options in the price-range, so it’s not a huge win — but they do sound good and the directional audio works well for that in-game edge most gamers desire.

Microphone: The microphone is perfect for casual gaming, although the quality isn’t ideal, it’s still good enough to start streaming. People will be able to hear your voice clearly assuming your microphone settings are all correct and you know what you’re doing. It’s a great mic for the price, we can see why it’s most gamers’ “first headset”.

Durability: Not the most durable. In fact, the cushions around the ears start to fall apart after months of serious usage. Great value overall, but not nearly as durable as some people need their headsets to be.

Comfort and Style: Comfort is not a problem with this headset, the Recon 70 is actually very comfortable due to the soft cushions (but, they do fall apart after a year or so of casual usage). The style is a modern gaming style, red and black is the most common color, but there are various color options.

Noise Cancellation: This is highly dependant on how tight of a fit you have when wearing them. We say, it’s about average, not as good as an Astro A10 or other high-end headsets on this list. While the cushions around the speakers are comfortable, they don’t do well at blocking noise from outside.

Overall: Our Favorite Low Budget Option

HyperX – Cloud Core ($30)

Sound: The audio quality is the main highlight for the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset, providing enough bass for you to feel a grenade explode while playing CoD, with functional directional audio that remains accurate as you spin your camera in-game. For the price, you don’t get much better than this.

Microphone: Above average for this price range, and if you use it for multiplayer gaming and talking to friends, they will not have any complaints. Just make sure to get your audio settings tweaked right with the mic volume where it needs to be so you’re not too loud or too quiet.

Durability: The Cloud Core headset certainly feels like it’s durable, as it feels like a high quality product when you’re holding it in your hands. That’s because it’s built with a sturdy aluminum frame, which is a nice plus!

Comfort and Style: While HyperX has a variety of color variations, they are all just as comfortable. Also, if you have a large head then these might not fit well. However, when they fit right, they are comfortable!

Overall: Cheapest with Decent Sound and Mic

Astro A10 Gaming Headset Gen 2 Wired ($60)

Astro A10 Gaming Headset Gen 2 wired in black grey and green

Sound: The Astro A10 Gen 2 is a beast when it comes to audio quality, and you will not find another headset under $100 that offers a better gaming experience. Do you want to hear when an enemy is nearby? This gaming headset offers the best audio clarity, and if you plug it into a device that outputs surround sound (not your controller), you will get true surround sound from this headset.

Microphone: Astro did not disappoint when it comes to audio quality going into the headset, and the boom mic is capable enough for you to start streaming on Twitch or YouTube if that’s what you want to do. For gaming, of course everyone will hear your voice just fine, the mic does a great job, and since it’s a flip-to-mute design it’s easy to toggle it on and off during gameplay.

Durability: So this is interesting because apparently, the material used to make this headset is so powerful that it can be twisted and bent without breaking. Yes, that sounds crazy, but their webpage clearly shows a picture of this headset being twisted around like a twizzler.

Comfort and Style: As soon as you pick these up and look at them you will feel the quality in your hands. The style looks borderline office professional — meets pro gamer. Great for remote office meetings, great for gaming. Comfortable enough to wear for hours. Also, the ear cushions are replaceable, and so is the headband pad on top. These should last for a very long time if taken care of and they are stylish and comfortable!

Noise Cancellation: The 2nd Gen A10 gaming headset offers superior noise cancellation when compared to all of the others mentioned above. This is hands down our favorite for audio quality, mic quality, and noise cancellation effects.


The Official Xbox Wireless Headset ($95)

The official Xbox Wireless gaming headset for xbox series xs, windows pc, and more.

What would our list be without the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset? Last time we looked, this headset was being sold for about $95 on Amazon. It’s not a cheap headset, and it’s probably the safest option if you are uncertain and you’re looking to buy something you know will work well with the Xbox and/or PC.

The sound and mic quality is outstanding, the design is very sharp and clean looking. The ear cushions are comfortable.. it’s a great option if you want to stick with official Xbox products. However, if you’re tight on money and want the best value possible for under $100, we strongly suggest looking at the Astro A10 above.

The Official XBOX Headset: Safest Gift Option

Here Are the Most Expensive Gaming Headsets

If money’s not a problem and you just want to buy the best, most expensive (not always the same) gaming headset on the market, then we’ve got you covered! Here are the ultimate options that will make your friends jealous, your ears happy, and your wallet… well, short a few hundred bucks. But obviously you ain’t worried about it because you’re looking for the most expensive gaming headsets! 🙂

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4 ($300)

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4

Experience an unparalleled gaming audio experience with the Astro Audio V2 gaming headset. With Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos (Xbox version only), every sound is clear and immersive. Game: Voice Balance puts you in total control of the mix of game and chat audio, while the Astro Command Center software allows for complete customization. The A50 mod kit offers even more personalization options, and the 15+ hour rechargeable battery ensures you can game for longer. With USB sound card functionality for PC and continuous compatibility with Xbox Series X, this premium headset is the ultimate choice for serious gamers who demand the best. Get the Astro Audio V2 today and take your gaming experience to the next level.

The Ultimate Choice for Serious Gamers

HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming Headset ($230)

HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming Headset packaging and contents inside the box

Are you ready to experience true audio immersion with the HyperX Cloud Orbit-S Gaming Headset? This headset boasts Audeze planar magnetic drivers and Waves Nx head tracking and 3D audio technology, which create a world of audio around you. The head tracking technology tracks the position of your head almost 1000 times a second, placing you at the center of your own three-dimensional audio atmosphere. The 100mm planar magnetic drivers deliver incredible precision and breathtaking clarity, taking your gaming experience to new heights.

With three detachable cable options, this headset is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mobile, making it the ultimate choice for serious gamers who demand the best. Upgrade your audio setup with the HyperX Cloud Orbit-S Gaming Headset today and immerse yourself in a new world of sound.

Best Gaming Headset for Audio Quality!

ASUS ROG Delta S EVA Edition Gaming Headset

Unleash your gaming potential with the ASUS ROG Delta S Eva Edition Gaming Headset. With its special EVA-inspired purple-and-green aesthetic, this headset is a showstopper. But it’s not just looks – the industry-leading high-resolution ESS 9281 with QUAD DAC technology and MQA technology support delivers impeccably detailed, true-to-life audio. The ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone ensures crystal-clear in-game voice communication, while customizable RGB lighting and unique Soundwave Light mode let you shine in style.

Exclusive ASUS Essence drivers, airtight chamber design, and audio signal diversion technology work in unison to produce immersive audio. The lightweight 300-gram design, ergonomic and fast-cooling D-shaped ear cushions provide maximum comfort.

Plus, the USB-C connector ensures compatibility with PCs, Mac, mobile devices, and game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation. Priced at around $230, this premium headset is worth every penny. Get the ASUS ROG Delta S Eva Edition Gaming Headset today and elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Best headset for in-game voice communication!

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All the Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox…

All of them – they have one thing in common – good quality audio and a microphone that cancels out background noise to make your voice come through crystal clear when playing with friends or using it to record. Don’t waste your time with a junk headset that doesn’t improve your gaming experience, when you can get a decent headset on a low budget!

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