6 Cool Things You Can Do in GMOD Without Downloading Addons

Garry’s Mod, or GMOD, is an incredibly entertaining game that offers an abundance of fun and crazy activities without the need for any additional downloads. However, it’s important to note that not all players have high-end computers, and loading a lot of addons can cause lag. With that in mind, let’s explore some exciting things to do in GMOD that require nothing more than the game itself and a few commands. These activities are easy to do and provide endless entertainment!

Unlock ALL Guns

Want to unlock all the weapons in GMOD? Simply open the console by pressing F10, and write “sv_cheats 1” and then write “impulse 101”. Doing this will unlock every weapon in the game. No addon required!

Unlimited Ammo

Well, sort of. Typing in “givecurrentammo” in the console will max out the ammo on your currently active weapon. So much ammo, that it might as well be unlimited. You can switch to other weapons and type this in again over and over until all of your weapons are maxed out.

Superhero Strength

Now this is a fun one, because it can make for some entertaining streams or videos if you’re a content creator. The superhero strength trick is really just a matter of altering the game physics to make it look like you’re super strong.

Begin by pressing F10 on your keyboard to bring up the console. Now type in “phys_pushscale 999999999999” and press enter. From this point on, any object you hit in the game will fly far away, making it look like you have superhuman strength.

Changing the Gravity to Jump Really High

So there are actually two ways to alter the gravity in Garry’s Mod, one is through the console and the other is through the spawn menu. We’re going to cover both ways, as they are both easy and it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Through the console, you can alter the gravity by using this command: “sv_gravity 100”.

The default gravity is 600 if you ever want to change it back to normal.

To change it within the spawn menu, hold Q, click “Utilities” in the top right area, and then select “Server Settings”, which is located in the top right. Here, you will find a gravity bar that let’s you change the gravity settings within the game

Emotes: Dance, Flex, Etc.

You may have watched other players in a public game dance or flex their muscles, and at first, players have no idea how this is actually achieved. After all, there is no obvious way to go about dancing in GMOD. No worries, we’ve got you covered – here’s what you do!

This is done entirely via the console by inputting in some simple commands. Here is the entire list:

  • act agree – Thumbs up gesture.
  • act becon – Perform a beckoning hand gesture.
  • act bow – Makes you do a simple 45° bow.
  • act cheer – Wave your hands in the air.
  • act dance – This is how you dance!
  • act disagree – Do a disagreeing “no” hand gesture.
  • act forward – Point forward.
  • act group – Makes you perform a gesture that signals everyone to join together.
  • act halt – Slightly raise your hand.
  • act laugh – Make your character laugh.
  • act muscle – Flex on ’em! This one makes your character flex its muscles.
  • act pers – Act shocked.
  • act robot – Act like a robot.
  • act salute – Salute gesture.
  • act wave – Wave to people in GMOD with this one.
  • act zombie – This one is silly, it makes your character raise its arms like a zombie.

Unlock Secret Weapons

There are two hidden weapons in GMOD, don’t ask us why, but they are there, and all you have to do is enter a couple of commands to equip them.

The first secret weapon is Annabelle, which can be unlocked by entering the command “give weapon_annabelle” and the second can be unlocked using “give weapon_alyxgun”.

Now Have Fun!

Garry’s Mod offers a wealth of fun and unique activities that don’t require any additional downloads. As a reminder, players with less powerful computers should be cautious about loading a lot of addons as it can cause lag. We have provided a list of things to do in GMOD that only require the game and a few commands, such as unlocking all guns, unlimited ammo, superhero strength, changing gravity, and emotes.

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